Awsom Ovens Off White Outdoor Oven
The awsom-heading-3 Oven
  • The Outer Skin – Traditional vitreous enamelled finished precision cut Steel.
  • Door Furniture – 304 Stainless steel, satin finished using glass and water blasting techniques.
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Gauge
  • Cooking Chamber With Refractory Brick cooking surface, The 6 removable bricks make cleaning simple and transporting 12kgs lighter!
  • Fuel chamber – The indirect way awsom-bullet-white Ovens work mean your food is safe from carcinogens, smoke and ash produced from burning wood. This also makes continuous firing possible without the need to disturb what is cooking.
  • Adjustable Levelling feet.
  • Stainless Steel Fixings.
  • Spring return Soft grip zinc plated handles.
  • Removable Flue – Finished with black vitreous enamel outside.
  • Ornate Flue Top – Bearing the Awsom® logo finished in colour matched vitreous enamel.
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Every last ounce of energy is squeezed out of the dry wood being burnt.

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