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We use only the highest quality of UK sourced materials where ever possible and pride ourselves on being both manufacturers and distributors of our ovens.
Awsom Ovens Wood Burning Stove for Outdoors
Get creating awsom-heading-white-2 food…
Our ovens take outdoor cooking to new levels, the only limit is your imagination. Check out what we have been cooking in our awsom-heading-white-small Ovens:

Lots of Colours to Choose From

  • Awsom Ovens Baby Blue Outdoor Oven for Homepage
    Baby Blue
  •  Awsom Ovens Pewter Outdoor Oven for Homepage
  •  Awsom Ovens Ivory Cream Outdoor Oven for Homepage
  •  Awsom Ovens Teal Outdoor Oven for Homepage
  •  Awsom Ovens Lincat Blue Outdoor Oven for Homepage
    Royal Blue

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Every last ounce of energy is squeezed out of the dry wood being burnt.

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